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Joanna Wellick

22 posts
Joanna joined Schematic as an editorial assistant in July 2016 after graduating from Chelsea College of Art. In October 2016 she became a staff writer on the editorial team and in January 2019 was made Coppy deputy editor. Feel free to get in contact with Joanna about new and upcoming creative projects or editorial ideas for the site.

Arm Tattoo Ideas to Match Every Man’s Style

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The Men’s Interest Groups You Need to Know About

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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism, Quickly

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A Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Natural Wine

The New York-based creative director Rajeev Basu got the idea for the project just over a year ago, when he adopted Remy, a puppy who loves to snooze.

The Top 3 Cars for Tackling Winter in Style

Working across packaging, identity and product design, Henrik Olssøn and Erika Barbieri’s studio stems from a passion for the culture surrounding food.

The Impact of Headphones on Your Well-Being

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Is This Treatment the Cure to Baldness?

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